My primary research interest focuses on human cooperation in the context of social dilemmas. In particular, I focus on understanding how exogenous (e.g. group composition, organisational/network structure, information flow, gossip) and endogenous (e.g. personality traits) factors improve or deplete cooperation. 

I employ both experimental methods and mathematical models (agent-based models) to investigate cooperative dynamics at both the individuals and the collective level.

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  • Cooperation
  • Reputation
  • Gossip
  • Conspiracy Theory
  • Agent-based model
  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, 2020

    University of Southampton

  • MSc. Mathematics and Finance, 2016

    University of Essex

  • BSc in Pure Mathematics, 2015

    Universitá degli Studi di Milano


(2022). Gossip promotes cooperation only when it is pro‐socially motivated. Scientific Reports.


(2022). Selfish risk-seeking can provide an evolutionary advantage in a conditional public goods game. PLOS ONE.


(2022). Networks of reliable reputations and cooperation: a review. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.


(2022). Who Are We Trusting? A Category-Based Formalisation of Trust.


(2021). An Integrative Definition and Framework to Study Gossip. Group & Organization Management.



Invited Lecturer
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Oct 2021 – Oct 2021 Amsterdam

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing the materials and the lesson plan for the class
  • Engaging a class of rougly 100 students in interactive learning, MA level
Basic Teaching Qualification certification
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Sep 2021 – Apr 2022 Amsterdam

Skills acquired:

  • Designing courses and supervising students
  • Understanding of your beliefs and expectations about learning and teaching.
  • Critically reflect on the intentions and effects of your actions as a teacher and come to conscious (new) action
Master Thesis Supervisor
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Oct 2019 – Present Amsterdam

Responsibilities include:

  • Guiding students in finding their research question
  • Organising and supervising data collection
  • Second grader for Master thesis
Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Southampton
Jul 2019 – Oct 2016 Southampton

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching classes of max 30 students, BA level
  • Teaching students one-to-one
  • Marking exams