Selfish risk-seeking can provide an evolutionary advantage in a conditional cooperator public goods game.

*Currently: Submitted*

Redistributive taxation and peer-punishment: disentangling the motivations behind second order social dilemmas

*Currently: Data collection stage at Université Côte d'Azur.*

How does gossip's perception affect gossip's reaction?

*Currently: Pre-registration and data collection (June-July 2021)*

When does gossip promote cooperation the role of gossip motives

*Currently: Submitted*

The effect of psychopathy on cooperative strategies in an iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma experiment with emotional feedback

*Published in: Scientific Reports*

How group composition affects cooperation in fixed networks: can psychopathic traits influence group dynamics?

*Published in: Royal Society Open Science*

When Do Psychopathic Traits Affect Cooperative Behavior?

*Published in: Journal of Individual Differences*