Force of Gossip Talk Series - Autumn 2021


We are happy to announce the Force of Gossip Talk Series – Autumn 2021.
The event consists of 5 bi-weekly 1-hour sessions (first session: 14/10, last session: 9/12). Each session comprises two blitz talks (10 minutes talk & 5 minutes discussion) and one keynote talk (20 minutes talk & 10 minutes discussion). The series is organised by the Force of Gossip team at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (PI Bianca Beersma).
In these talks, we aim to provide an international and interdisciplinary space to discuss recent developments in the study of gossip and reputation on cooperation. Our goal is to create a community in which to share our work and hopefully foster future collaborations. The series will feature speakers from different disciplines (psychology, sociology and economics) and we are particularly committed to encouraging early career researchers to share their work giving them space to present in our blitz talks.
Talks will be held every second Thursday at 16.00 CET (Amsterdam)/ 15.00 GMT (London)/ 10.00 EST (New York)/ 23.00 CST (Shanghai). Please find attached the Keynote Program for Autumn 2021. If you wish to invite other colleagues, please forward this link ( and they will receive information for the Zoom link.


Download the Autumn Program 2021.